In Konglish is a bilingual Korean-English language show discussing different aspect of Korean and American culture. 

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잊힌 도토리의 숲 / The forgotten acorn woods (pt. 1)

Continuing with "Anyway, Guesthouse", Heewone reads aloud the second vignette.

우울과 게스트하우스 / Depression and the Guesthouse

Host Heewone is back with a new season of "In Konglish"! Topics range from her winter break trip to South Korea to Korean Literature.

별/김남주 Stars by Kim Nam-ju

Heewone reads another poem from Kim Namju’s collection, which he wrote while incarcerated.

창살에 햇살이/Sunlight On Prison Bars

This week, Heewone reads another Kim Namju poem and a surprise English language poem.

“Flowing Like Water”/“물 따라 흘러 가면서”

This week, we’re diving into poetry from the iconic Korean Resistance poet of the 70s and 80s, 김남주/Kim Namju. Heewone also shares some family lore relevant to this wee...

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